The Problem With This Year's Oscar Frocks

Sarah Jessica Parker, Freida Pinto, and Beyonce

Hilary Alexander penned a rather amusing, and we think accurate, review of the frocks at the Oscars last night. She thought the ladies "veered between looking like something best-suited to the top of the Christmas tree, or were dressed for a casting of the Wicked Witch of the West." She places Kate Winslet, who wore Yves Saint Laurent, in the Wicked Witch of the West camp, along with the "terrifying" Angelina Jolie, whom we might just start calling "Earrings." She places Sophia Loren and Sarah Jessica Parker, who wore Dior Haute Couture, in the Christmas-tree camp, noting, "When it comes to cleavage, too much is always, well, just too much." Indeed, our attention was torn between SJP's chest and dress and those two things alone. We couldn't even tell you what color her hair was without looking at a photo. The gown was divine, but the whole package was a little too "LOOK AT ME. LOOK AT ME." for the Oscars. Didn't she get that out of her system with the hat she wore to the London Sex and the City movie premiere? Or by just starring in that series in the first place? Then again, if she wanted something extra soft to sit in for God knows how long, we'd understand.

Alexander applauds Amy Adams's Carolina Herrera gown, which avoided looking too severe paired with a Fred Leighton choker . She also adored Freida Pinto's John Galliano dress and Natalie Portman's pink Rodarte.

And then there was Beyoncé, bless her heart, whose dress was mostly just dumbfounding. Alexander only wonders where on Earth she procured it. Ooh, ooh we know! It's by her own label, House of Dereon. She'll probably get worst-dressed across the board, poor thing. We think she looked like a Czech vase, while another blogger likens it to an old lady's couch. But at least she's doing her celebrity brethren a service by showing that clothing design is best left to real designers.

Oscars 2009: Hollywood has lost its sex appeal [Telegraph UK]

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