Stella D'oro Strikers Say Replacements Bake Inferior Cookies

WNYC checked in this morning with picketing workers at the Stella D’oro Bakery who’ve been on strike since August. According to the strikers, the private-equity firm that owns the Bronx baking company proposed a contract in which skilled workers would lose a dollar an hour annually over five years, as well as increased health-care contributions. The owners say the strike was “the wrong choice at the wrong time” and spoke positively of replacement workers, known to the union laborers as “scabs.” The strikers were less than enthusiastic about Stella D’oro’s current workforce. A foreman told WNYC that the Swiss Fudge cookies are inferior. “It either has no fudge. Fudge covering the cookie. Cookies stuck together with the fudge, cookies all out of shape,” he said. Another veteran agreed, “I see the cookies in the supermarket, the way they look, and I want to cry.”

Snow or Shine, Stella D’Oro Workers Keep Striking [WNYC]

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