So What's the Deal With Valentino's Tan?

There's a lot of Valentino news today, due to his press blitz in conjunction with today's release of his documentary in select theaters. So we've declared today Valentino Day on the Cut. And we couldn't let Valentino Day go by without mentioning the unmentionable — that tan. In Valentino: The Last Emperor, Valentino's partner Giancarlo Giammetti tells the designer he looks too tan. We asked him if he often thought that at Quintessentially and Gilt Groupe's premiere last night. "We'd come from the beach, and we were about to show summer suits, and he just ... it just seemed like too much. But it was one time, and one time only," he explained. Director Matt Tyrnauer spent two years following Valentino, so surely he must know if the tan comes from the sun or from a bottle. “You’ll have to ask Valentino that. I’ve been in the Mediterranean with him, I’ve been skiing with him. I’ll tell you what, I went skiing with him, and he didn’t use any sunscreen, where I was covered in 100. So, um, I don’t know,” he said. “He loves the sun. He does have that Mediterranean skin, but beyond that, I’m not sure.”

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