Not Exactly Surprising: Nieporent May Join Danny Meyer at Citi Field

A source tells Crain’s that Drew Nieporent is negotiating to take over management of the Left Field Restaurant at Citi Field (Shea met its demise today at 11:21 a.m.), which opens in April. Though a design apparently hasn’t been agreed upon, the name will be Acela. Let’s remember, food-service provider Aramark announced in July that Danny Meyer would be opening a Shake Shack and a Blue Smoke along with a taqueria and a Beglian frites stand. Why is it that whenever there’s a big project in the works, these two seem to be the only restaurateurs in town? (Witness today’s Observer piece on Tavern on the Green. We’ll find out whether Meyer and Nieporent are in the running when the city meets with bidders on March 19.) Anyway, it looks less and less likely that Gothamist will get those small-time vendors (NYC Icy, Caracas, etc.) that it had hoped for.

Restaurateur steps up to the plate [Crain’s via Wined & Dined]

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