Michelle Obama Is Wearing Sparkly J.Crew in London

In case you were wondering, Sarah Brown is wearing a navy dress by Britt Lintner.

Today is the Obamas' first full day in London, and while Barack and the Browns are wearing dark, depressing colors that go with the economy, Michelle Obama has gone with a decidedly cheerful spring color palette. The mint-green skirt and sparkly cream cardigan are by J.Crew. But the most important thing about this ensemble is the choice of sparkles. During the day. And as we've said repeatedly, clothes can never be sparkly or shiny enough. We hope this trend catches on in offices and on streets around the world. (What would Beyoncé do to stand out then?!)

Sarah Brown took Michelle to Maggie's Cancer Caring Centre at Charing Cross Hospital in central London to celebrate the Centre's one-year anniversary. MObama gave the centre's chief executive an undisclosed gift, visited with some patients, and sat in on a makeup session for women cancer patients. She shared her makeup tips with them and said her own "wonderful" makeup artist participated in a similar program.

MObama Overseas Outfit Watch continues later today when the Obamas visit the Queen. We will make no bets on what she'll wear for that since we were totally wrong about her changing outfits on the plane yesterday. The woman is a wild card.

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