Marc Jacobs Wants to Marry Lorenzo Martone

Remember the summer’s furious speculation over whether Marc Jacobs had married his boyfriend, Lorenzo Martone, in France? It may be that Lorenzo said no, or at least, not yet. After the Cinema Society screening of Milk, which tells the story of California's first openly gay elected official, Jacobs said marriage could be in his future. “I am seriously considering marriage,” he told us. Gesturing to Martone at his side, Jacobs added, “If I can get him to marry me, I would.” Jacobs claimed that this was not just a case of post-Milk pride. “I’d do it in a minute,” Jacobs insisted. He laughed when we reminded him that California is not an option. “I refuse to let anyone tell me who I can and cannot marry, and who I can and cannot love. That’s just bullshit,” said Jacobs. “Wherever we’d have to go. If he’s up for it, I’m up for it.”

What would it take for Lorenzo to say yes? “We’re just finding the right moment and the right opportunity, getting to know each other better and better, and make sure it’s the right choice,” Martone said quietly, in a soft Brazilian accent. “But we’re very … proud.”

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