Let's Speculate About Anna Wintour Becoming an Ambassador, Again

The rumors about Anna Wintour accepting a post in the Barack Obama White House are back. Even though Vogue already said the rumors were completely false. Nonetheless, "Page Six" is reporting that Wintour might leave Vogue to become Obama's ambassador to France. Now, the last time this came up "at least one person in the magazine industry" said such a thing was possible. But now, well:

[T]he fashion world is buzzing over the rumor that Wintour might leave "with a guillotine glee akin to that which preceded the death of Marie Antoinette."

See — the whole fashion world is aflutter. Additionally, the Post called Obama's transition team and a spokesman offered "no comment." So he didn't deny it. It's hard to imagine Anna giving up her clothing allowance and the exquisiteness her job allows her to surround herself with — from the models to the clothes to the socialites she employs — for a stuffy government job. But then again, if Sanjay Gupta can leave the glamorous life at CNN behind to become surgeon general, anything's possible!


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