Karl Lagerfeld Makes Boob Bowl Inspired by Claudia Schiffer

Claudia Schiffer is no longer the face of Chanel, but old campaign pictures are not the last vestiges of her partnership with Karl Lagerfeld. Apparently, the Kaiser designed a bowl for Dom Pérignon Champagne inspired by Claudia's breast, as you see here. The design is modeled after a bowl made especially for Queen Marie Antoinette in 1787. Wine Spectator reports that, according to legend, Marie's bowl was the exact size of one of her breasts. (No, we don't know if Karl made a papier-mâché mold of Claudia's boob for this project.) Lagerfeld's boob bowl sits atop porcelain replicas of Dom bottles bearing his and Claudia's signatures. If you, like us, are dying for one for New Year's, you can get it with a purchase of a bottle of 1995 Dom Pérignon Oenothèque for just $3,150. The Champagne won't last long, but the porcelain breast — depending on how hard you party tonight — should last forever.

Unfiltered: Dom Pérignon Pays Homage to a Top Model's Chest [Wine Spectator]

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