New Nolita Gelato Joint Making Us Drool

Watermelon and more becomes gelato every day at the 24-hour-old Green Apple

When we’re hopping back and forth between 28 Firefox tabs, rss readers, Twitter feeds and then some, it takes some doing make us pause. Unless you use the word “gelato,” in which case you have our undivided attention.

So it was that Grub Street’s tip-off to a new Mott Street gelato joint run by three brothers sent us into a tailspin of drool. Check it: Green Apple Gelato’s Alex, Leon, and Andy Zang have the culinary pedigree, with tours of duty sushi cheffing and working the Blue Fin pastry station on their collective résumé. They’ve got the ingredients: Dudes are making their gelato every day, from scratch, using mostly local fresh fruit -- the opening flav-o-lineup includes watermelon, strawberry and blueberry, plus extra goodies like pineapple sorbet. And they’ve got a winning formula: This stuff is really, really good.

Green Apple officially opened yesterday. How much hotter does it have to get outside before you drag your sweaty self to Mott for a scoop of relief? Green Apple, 204 Mott Street near Spring Street; 212-966-5666.

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