Chris Rock Is the “Most Humble Guy,” Says Writer

Writer and producer Jeffrey Gurian, who worked on a documentary executive produced by Chris Rock, gave Niteside the inside scoop on what the comedian is really like in person while at the Juliet Supper Club Sunday night.

“Chris is the most humble guy I've ever met,” said Gurian, who's rubbed elbows with big-shot comedians from Lewis Black to Billy Crystal. “When he did his interview [with me] he talked about how funny everyone else was. He gave everyone else credit. It's very rare to find someone of that level in the business who's so humble and so down to earth, he's not affected by all of the fame and adulation that he gets."

"He's just a really, really nice guy.”

The documentary, “Eat Drink Laugh: The World Famous Comic Strip Live” will be released this upcoming year and gives the history of the iconic club in Manhattan where Jerry Seinfeld, Ray Romano, Adam Sandler and others exploded to fame.

Gurian, a co-producer for "Eat Drink Laugh," had started writing a book about the club when he approached Chris Rock with Comic Strip Live owner Richard Tienken about doing a movie version. He explained the “Everybody Hates Chris” creator impressed Eddie Murphy in 1986.

“When Eddie came in that night, he asked if there were any black comics he could see,” Gurian said. “Now at the time, Eddie was the biggest star in the world ... in those days, believe it or not, there were not many black comics. But Chris Rock was there, and he was 19 and cleaning up. They had no choice but to put him on stage.”

According to Gurian, he went on stage “in front of his idol and he killed,” and he's been making us laugh ever since.

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