Naomi Campbell Sued By Cosmetics Company

Moodform Mission, a cosmetics marketing firm that helped develop a series of scents for Naomi Campbell, alleges that the supermodel didn't fork over its agreed-upon cut of the profits.

According to a 1998 contract, Moodform gets a cut of proceeds from several of Naomi Campbell's scents (which frankly we didn't even realize she had), including fragrances like Cat Deluxe and Seductive Elixir.

Campbell's lawyer, Marty Singer, told TMZ that the whole story is "ridiculous and absurd," and goes on to say that it is Mood, in fact, who has been engaged in acts of misconduct. Overall, the whole affair seems like a run-of-the-mill attempt to sue an already-legally challenged famous person, though frankly we'd forgotten about Ms. Campbell's body scents, so perhaps she had, too.

Considering this isn't exactly Campbell's first go-around in court (or her first time being sued, for that matter), it will be interesting to see how this lawsuit plays out.

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