Must See NYC: Rangda

Here's one not to miss, if you're into that far-out bliss. Out-sound supergroup Rangda plays Le Poisson Rouge Saturday and Zebulon Friday.

Rangda is Ben Chasny, the mastermind behind Six Organs of Admittance, with Richard Bishop, otherwise known as Sir Richard Bishop, the general practitioner of Sun City Girls, on guitar.

Chasny's live chops are usually more suited to repetitious acoustic guitar arpeggios -- unless he's joined on stage by Magik Marker's Elisa Ambrogio on shred duty. The work he's putting in for Rangda is something special, tuned into sound clouds rather than the American Primitive style he's embraced.

Same goes for Bishop: there's no disputing his fancy fretwork; the title of his 2007 album While My Guitar Violently Bleeds just about says it all. Add into the mix dexterous drum-slay Chris Corsano and there's a guaranteed gale wind of musical force in store both of the good nights this weekend.


Both Le Poisson Rouge and Zebulon shows will cost a $10 cover.

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