MpFree Wednesday: Thousands, “MTSES III”


Who: Seattle band Thousands is actually just two guys, Kristian Garrard and Luke Bergman, whose album The Sound of Everything comes out on Bella Union April 26. (They signed with Bella union after being recommended by Fleet Foxes' guitarist Skye Skjelset.) Not only did the pair capture each song with a handheld digital recorder in just one take (with zero post production), they sought an “organic” sound by recording completely out of doors all along the Pacific Northwest: In a barn, in a silo, on the banks of the Columbia River. The result is an experience that makes you feel like you and they are the only ones in the room. (Or, er, forest.) They play Rock Shop on April 22 and Rockwood Music Hall on April 27. 

Reminds us of: A latter-day, ultra-DIY Simon and Garfunkel, a stripped-down Mumford and Sons

Download this: “MTSES III,” Thousands mp3


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