More Pop-ups: eBay, Daffy's

An interesting byproduct of the retail world's precarious survival rates of late: pop-up shops. With eBay and Daffy's sprouting their own temporary spaces, the trend branches well beyond specialty luxury brands. 

A fun gimmick of the fashion world for some time, the appeal of the pop-up phenomenon has officially expanded to the majors: eBay, is launching a 5,000-square-foot brick & mortar shop taking hold temporarily on 57th Street.  Nestled amongst the very posh retailers whose wares are so often found online on the e-auction site, eBay's pop-up will house new and used items from Barneys, Apple, and Louis Vuitton. Although we're not sure yet if these are going to be live auctions (we highly doubt), it should be an interesting endeavor.

In other pop-up news, Daffy's, the discount clothing store, will open its own temporary space on Seventh Avenue South and Carmine downtown -- a result of a real estate contest that knocked down the $7K price tag to $700 a month (they have those?!).  The move gives the off-price chain a taste of West Village exclusivity, if only just for a little while.  Enjoy!

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