Live Blogging the Sales: Alexander Wang

Not sure if you made it up with the dawn this morning like we did, but when we hit Alexander Wang at the god-awful hour of 8:45AM, the hordes were already piling out into the street. When they finally opened up the doors some girls (perhaps out of sheer desperation?) decided to forgo the elevators (where there was a decent-sized line building) and just spring up the six flights to the sale floor. The true desperation later ensued, however, when upon arrival, a drunk-with-power salesgirl (wearing sunglasses, for god's sake--I mean, it's 9AM and raining outside, who are you, Mick Jagger?) started (loudly) corralling everyone into a coat-and-bag-check line, where a lonely coat check guy stood terrified with far too few hangars. The loudness and strutting of the aforementioned salesgirl continued while we made our way through the pieces on sale, but the good news was that the stock was pretty consistently replenished. The big draws went fast: Zippered leather vests were gone in minutes, as were ripped jean shorts and a few key dresses. The bulk of the sale items were a few key dresses (nothing that was incredibly popular, but a few flattering styles like this cowl-neck style and made-to-look-like-two-pieces dress. We picked up an ice-skater dress, among other little purchases, so we definitely made out like bandits, but overall the selection was very decent (plenty of stock on everything from tanks to sweaters to pants, though not all of it super-desirable) and the prices were god-awful. Most dresses were still $200--which, considering the recession, is only slightly less expensive than what you can get at Barneys right now--and the hats were even $80. $80! But we suppose it's tough to complain when we're sitting here with a sack full of goodies. Sigh. We haven't even hit Rachel Comey yet. Good. God.

The Alexander Wang sale rages on!
386 Broadway, 6th Floor

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