Lindsay Lohan: Snubbed!

Right now, Lindsay Lohan is in Paris right now talking to the House of Emanuel Ungaro about potentially signing on to be a "creative consultant" for the brand. Now, if you're thinking that a string of unsuccessful movies and some highly publicized fights with girlfriend Samantha Ronson aren't exactly glowing references for someone interested in joining your company, Ungaro head designer Esteban Cortazar would agree with you.

A "fashion insider" has apparently told Page Six that the young designer (who was just 23 when he was hired at Ungaro in 2007) would leave the company if Lohan was brought on board. According to the source, "Ungaro thinks Lindsay is going to bring the company new energy and new buzz, but she is going to be the nail in the coffin. Nobody will take them seriously ever again."

We tend to agree. At what point was designing leggings and your very own brand of spray-tanners solid credentials to become a creative design consultant? Granted, the gal can certainly shop, but retail is no substitute for fashion, and of late, the rehabbed starlet has been spotted in some truly (we're talking spectacularly) awful fashion of late.

But we digress. In related news, La Lohan apparently has a brief sojourn planned in London on her grand European tour--to visit her apparently on-again girlfriend, Sam Ronson. And the rumor mill, it just keeps on turning ...

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