Hot Shopping Today, 4/21

A Spanish chain hits Broadway, a stylist for your Bugaboo, and your own jewelry elf

ASK JEEVES: Do you need a jewelry concierge? Of course you do. You call up 27 Facets and tell them exactly what you want - estate pieces? Semi-precious tiara? Bakelite bangles? - and they will scour the planet tirelessly until they find just the thing. Then they'll gift wrap it and deliver it by hand. To every pot, its lid. More at Daily Candy.

QUE LINDO: So as you might recall from your last bender in Barcelona, Spanish hipsters have an intriguing sort of back-to-the-future sense of style - it's 80s, it's future, it's… well, apparently, it's Desigual. The chainlet from Spain just landed on Broadway (in the former Kira Plastinina spot) and Racked reports kooky embroidery, strange pricew points ($99 for a t-shirt? Do they know it's la recession over there?) and hilarious taglines ("Happy ideas all the time!").

BABY'S FIRST MAKEOVER: A company named Babesta Cribz (yes, with a "z") has found the nichest of possible niches: From new fabric to the addition of a mosquito net, they will revamp and generally tune up your baby stroller for $125 to $300, says Urban Baby.

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