Horrifying? Or Genius?

Boudicca's new "perfume graffiti" is unleashed on shoppers today.

Sometimes the folks at DailyCandy really come through, and this morning they delivered a rare gem to our inbox in their Weekend Guide report. Apparently fashion label Boudicca today will reveal their new "perfume graffiti," which their web site calls, the first "art fragrance".

How is it arty, you ask? Simple: the perfume is colored. That's right, colored! When spritzed, a bright cobalt blue spray splatters across your skin, which slowly fades and then disappears, leaving a heady scent with notes of juniper berry, cardamom, tuberose, and even black hemlock extract.

The company was inspired by stories surrounding Queen Boudicca (or Boadicea), the label's namesake, who used would wear blue war paint before advancing into battle. The perfume is even packaged in a classic spray paint can, which is kind of genius. Despite our enthusiasm to spray ourselves (born of a combination of teen flashbacks and our never-ending love of silly string), we've watched the video and we're still a little anxious. White shirt? You guys sure about this?

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