Heather Mills to Donate $1 Million in Food to Hunts Point Children's Charity

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File this under: Nice Things Done by a Celebrity Whose Soul You'd Maybe Already Given Up On. Plucky, loudmouthed Heather Mills is doing a lovely thing: She's donating $1 million in food products to the children of Hunts Point in the South Bronx, an oft-overlooked neighborhood where nearly half of local families live below the poverty level. She'll make the donation ceremonially tomorrow in Hunts Point Riverside Park with Congressman José Serrano, where she'll get an honorary congressional award and will help grill meatless hot dogs and burgers for the kids of the Hunts Point Alliance for Children, of which she is honorary chairperson. (Yes, all of the food Mills will donate will be of the meatless variety. In addition to being a well-known vegan and adorably deranged PETA-supporter, she says she's concerned about the way kids in the neighborhood have been eating.)

Mills won $50 million dollars in her divorce settlement with ex-husband Paul McCartney earlier this year, an amount she has alternately said she was outraged and happy with. The activist and former model has lived only part-time in New York since June (in the glamorous Richard Meier Perry Street buildings), but has already become heavily involved with the children's charity.

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