Gaga Honors Liza At MSG

Lady Gaga saluted fellow pop icon and audience member Liza Minnelli during her Madison Square Garden concert last night, and took the opportunity to remind everyone of her own vocal chops.

"I don't lip-synch. I'm not going to waste your time watching some b*tch lip-synch her way to an HBO special, especially not with Liza watching," said Gaga during the second and last MSG stop on her current tour, which was filmed for a May HBO airing. Gaga cited Minnelli as an inspiration during moments when her (naturally) dark hair and "ethnic" looks were seeming detriments to the superstardom she craved. The then-starving artist would apparently shoot back to detractors, "What about Liza?" Actress Marisa Tomei, another brunette New Yorker at the show, also got a shout-out.

Unlike Prince, Gaga didn't pluck any celebrities from the crowd to join her on stage. Still, the singer and LBGT activist one-upped the Purple One by toasting an inanimate in the crowd."That is the most fabulous gay unicorn I have ever seen. The only thing better than a unicorn is a gay unicorn."

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