Forever 21 May Launch a Magazine

Forever 21, the ubiquitous bargain basement of young, fun fashion du jour never ceases to amaze us.  It started with party perfect, nearly disposable jewels and tops, and we were soon basking in the glory of less-than-twenty-dollar jeans that actually fit well, and now, on the heels of the chain's announcement of its foray into the beauty and home sectors, a little bird tweeted at the possibility of Forever21 The Magazine.

The question posed last week on Twitter certainly hinted in that direction: ok tweeps: let’s say, hypothetically speaking, an F21 magazine is in the works. What content would you want to see in said hypothetical mag? 

Which gets us thinking, what would we want in a F21 periodical?  Exactly what we've come to love about the store already, in the form of easily accessible (if not tippity-top quality), readable style and shopping advice for next to nothing. Maybe they'll actually be able to publish content that is (much like their content) fun and as apropos for a gamut of tweenage girls to cooler-than-thou fashion editors.  What do we expect to come from this cryptic twittering? It's hard to say in today's precarious magazine environment, but more Forever 21 love on our mobiles in lieu of weighty glossy behemoths could be a mighty brilliant step forward. Provided, of course, F21 doesn't employ one of its other, less-excellent habits, copying.

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