For Sale: ‘Gossip Girl' Carriage, Slightly Used

We love when props from major network TV shows show up on Craigslist -- like this full-sized horse-drawn carriage

Do you have room in your apartment for a six-by-five-by-three-foot horse-drawn carriage? Are you deeply in the tank for the CW's Gossip Girl? It's your lucky day!

 In random Craigslist finds, we present this full-sized carriage for sale over at the excellent eco-clearinghouse Build It Green, home of recycled building materials and other unusual salvage from structures all around the city. See the carriage in action in the series' Age of Dissonance episode, filled with GG's pretty people (Leighton Meester and Penn Badgley, to be precise). They're acting in a play inside a TV show. Meta!

Oh, you'll also need $300 and transportation to Astoria -- a neighborhood which we're fairly sure has never even been referenced on the show. xoxo, gossip girl

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