Floorplan Porn: Pen, Brush and a Whole Lot More

Built in 1848, the 25' wide Greek Revival townhouse at 16 East 10th Street in the Central Village has housed the women-in-the-arts Pen & Brush club for the past 85 years. But as you may have heard, maintaining 8,500-square-foot New York City mansions is rather expensive. The cost of an annual membership in the P&B? $60. And so, as Vanishing New York points out, it has come to this: the house is now on the market for $13,525,000. We're talking five floors of original details here—crown moldings, arch ways, staircase and all. Oh, and the 11 marble fireplaces should keep the place nice and cozy. Eschewing tradition, we've included some interior shots along with the porn. Have a look and save yourself the sixty bucks.
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