Would You Wear The New Mullet?

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I cannot, for the life of me, figure out why the mullet's become the hot cut in Hollywood?

I blame Taylor Momsen. She dabbled in mullets late last year. Then Taraji P. Henson inexplicably traded in her chic bob for a neck cape. And now Kristen Stewart? (Yes, we know it's for a movie, but still.)

Why would anyone with access to the best of the best hair gurus choose to wear a style that’s more redneck than red carpet? And perhaps more importantly, what self-respecting stylist actually thinks this is a good idea for their client? Do they really want to be known as the master of the mullet?

On top of the catastrophe of the haircut itself, it makes any outfit look awkward. Can you imagine Taraji's mullet topping off that gorgeous white Roberto Cavalli dress she wore to the Oscars? It does the designer a serious disservice because we're all too busy staring at a loopy hairdo instead of even glancing at the the garment.

Usually when a style takes the celebrity world by storm (the Rachel, the Pob, etc.), it’s because it's flattering even if you don't look like a celeb, but I really don’t think there’s anyone, model or celebrity alike, who could pull this look off.

Unless of course I've missed the point and it's supposed to be cool and kitschy? Please tell me it's not.


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