Would You Wear Spring's Head Gear?

spring headgear all over.jpg

Or the more appropriate question is, "Will you wear spring's head gear?"

The runways have been inundated with hats. Catherine Holstein wrapped whole sweaters around the heads of her models. PPQ added I Dream of Jeannie-like toppers to their ruffly dresses and Luella splashed retro veiled hats and riding caps across her floral outfits.

We think some, like the sweaters at Holstein, might look super cool on the runway but stop short of realistically working on a regular girl's head. Same goes for the PPQ hats - they'd induce a giggle or two at the even the most wacky New York party. And the swim caps at D&G - are they serious?

Luella's little hats, while cute on Ali, Jourdan et. al, are the kind of thing we want to rock when we're eighty-year-old eccentric ladies with a murky fashion past.

Right now, we'd love one of the sun hats from Trovata and Nicole Farhi, or even a mini Mary Poppins hat from Marc. And we'd obviously rock the giant bobby pins from Basso & Brooke, but we're not even sure those are for sale.

If you don't usually wear hats, will this spring's wide selection make you change your mind? Or is this a look better left to runways/editorials/ads/models rather than mere mortals?

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