Turning Japanese at Basso & Brooke


If you're super tall and skinny and in the market for an impossibly graphic, brightly gorgeous, expensive dress, Basso & Brooke's got you covered.

The half British (Christopher Brooke) and half Brazilian (Bruno Basso) design duo showed a parade of new, Japanese-inspired ideas at the Science Museum yesterday.

Apparently, they design and build their dresses, then the graphic designer comes into the studio and draws prints on the floor, then the two are combined and sent down the runway. Everyone oohed and aahed over the woven silk dresses at the end, (sheer, obviously). We oohed and aahed over those tops and dresses on which the fabric gathered in the middle of each flower for a 3D effect. It's nice to see something new on the runway.

The real story, however, is the shoes. Their printed platform was at least four inches, which means the heels, on which Japanese scenes were literally carved, had to be about seven. Sometimes they matched the pattern of the dress, sometimes they were totally different, but every single time a model made it down the runway and back without falling, the audience breathed a cumulative sigh of relief.

We could never pull off those dresses, but wearing those shoes on a daily basis would greatly improve our lives.

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