Sweet Nostalgia


Do you remember all your Swatch watches as fondly as we do?

Well, they're still around. And while they may no longer be covered in tulips or Batman designs, these new ones are still pretty dope.

We've been looking around at watch options, as we're sick of having to sort through our bags to find our phones when we want to know what time it is.

The solution is simple but we've been putting off the purchase. Now Swatch has us ready to buy.

We like that there's some heft to these, not like that dainty Coach watch with the skinny strap we used to wear years ago. It comes in four colors, all with a nature spin: blue for the sea, light brown for earth, emerald for greenery, and red for sunset.

So expect to see something new and colorful on our wrists this summer. And if we can dig up our old ones at mom and dad's house, an old school neon version with a Swatch guard too.


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