Style: Actual Requirement

time cover with gemma styled by katie mossman.jpg

Super stylist Katie Mossman needs an intern, so if you're interested in working on shoots for Numero, Harper's Bazaar and German Vogue, then you also need to be interested in:

- Running around the city to different brands

- General office/administrative work

- Helping on set - "yes, if you prove yourself, you may be dressing Gisele" [Editor's Note: That's a direct quote from Katie's first assistant.]

- Coming in 2 -3 days per week, one of which must be Thursday

Plusses: Owning some sort of Blackberry or iPhone, having a flexible schedule (so, no pouting if you there's a 6am Saturday call time), knowing your way around the city - and, oh yeah, knowing who Katie Mossman is.

Interested (read: qualified) parties should e-mail resumes and cover letters to katiemossmanintern[at]

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