Stella Falls Into the Gap

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Gap is making kids' clothes with Stella McCartney.

Aside from their CFDA initiatives, the San Francisco-based company has avoided the designer collaboration craze as much as Stella's wholeheartedly embraced it.

The Brit's done a one-off for H&M, an exclusive for Net-a-Porter (which included a few children's pieces), and designs for Adidas and LeSportsac. The collection, which also includes baby clothes, launches at the end of this year.

She told WWD, "I believe that this one-off collaboration will be a great way for customers to be able to participate in the Stella McCartney brand. I believe that kids’ clothing should be more accessibly priced, which is particularly important at the moment, given the current climate.”

We predict a massive line of petite women shoving their bodies into size 14 t-shirts at Gap Kids come the debut.

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