Spotted at Cat Holstein

Catherine Holstein Fall 09 24.jpg

1. A line of antsy editors almost wrapped around the corner of Broadway and White, waiting to get in the show while trying to keep their skirts down and their hair from blowing around in the wind.

2. Teen Vogue's Jane Keltner coming and going before the show even started.

3. Vogue girls cutting the line.

4. A slouchy pair of purple pants that everyone will want to wear.

5. Models so busy catching up with each other on stage that they forget to pose or even look at the cameras

6. Revelers commenting on the distinct "witch" vibe and how it makes them think of Luella Fall 08.

7. Model Georgie strutting, posing like she's on a shoot, and working a languid plaid top you know MK'll rock at Starbucks this Spring (please enjoy the many photos of Georgie doing something that can only be described as "working it").

8. A crush of girls in a tiny space, all clamoring to see what Cat's done for next season, picking out each piece they'd totally wear.

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