Solid Perfume: A Love Story

marc jacobs solid blush.jpg

Until about a year ago, I didn't give solid perfumes a second glance. Why would I pay $30 for a half-dollar sized tin of fragrance balm when I can get a full bottle for just $10 more?

But then I stumbled across the quirky French fragrance brand Crazylibellule and the Poppies. One swipe of their lip balm-sized Shanghaïjava Blue Orchidée solid fragrance stick and I was hooked.

Now, I'm in love with solid perfumes. I can apply them to discreet spots, like behind my ears and my inner wrist, without having to do that weird, frantic spray-and-rub technique liquids demand. Also, the scents last longer because they're usually oil and wax based. (Liquid perfume's alcohol based which makes the scent start off strong and fade quickly.)

Now, every time I'm shopping for a new fragrance, my eyes wander toward the solids. The only problem is that the companies behind the popular fragrances I love treat solid perfume as a novelty, trotted out during holidays to drum up extra revenue. So I was stoked when I saw that Space NK just launched a solid perfume compact of Laughter, one of my staple warm weather scents.

I need everyone else to jump on the solid bandwagon. Am I alone in my newfound adoration? What perfumes would you like to see in a solid form?


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