Round Two: W vs. Vogue

vogue with drew barrymore on cover.jpg

Another message, from 10:36pm last night:

Hi Ladies,

Just got home and saw the comment madness over Blake Lively and thought I'd clear the air. I'm interning in PR for a luxury designer, and we had a request for some samples for her last week. For Vogue.

The request came for MMB's assistant (who happens to be, strangely, Tory Burch's step-daughter, Izzie). I don't remember if it was for MMB's Index or for another shoot, Izzie also handles the American market requests for any fashion shoots.

But the samples were definitely for Blake Lively and definitely sent to Vogue last week, dropped off at 4 Times Square on the 12th floor.


Then, from a friend at 12:08am:

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