Rihanna to Design

rihanna designs.jpg

We know we usually do an eye roll when singing and dancing celebrities announce they'll be applying their talents to fashion design, but today, not as much.

Rihanna's revealed that she'll soon be designing a line of her own, though she gave no further details than that.

The thing is, we think she can actually pull it off. We've been fans of Rihanna's style for quite some time now. Ever since she started showing up at events in young British labels, we've been watching to see what she'll wear next. Not even the Spring '08 Balenciaga sandals she recently rewore - gasp! - could deter our admiration. In fact, it might have only made us love her more - we have to give credit to any celebrity brave enough to wear such a seasonal item after the fact, just like normal people.

So given that she knows her fashion abc's, we're expecting some great stuff - can't you totally picture some daring, colorful dresses with a few tough leather pieces thrown into the mix?


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