Project Runway Website Launches

Project Runway designers_S6.JPG

Lifetime just launched their website devoted to the new season of Project Runway. The show doesn't start airing until August 20 at 10 pm, but there is certainly a lot to digest about the new cast until then.

We haven't had a chance to watch all the videos yet but we will certainly be doing just that once we get home tonight. Peeking inside someone's home or closet is usually pretty genius. And casting videos always make for an amusing time too.

Another cool section is called Designer Portfolios where you can look at inspirations for each of the contestants as well as the work they've done prior to the show. And we're told that once episodes start airing the site will feature unseen sketches from each challenge.

God, do we love having a new cast of characters to dissect, analyze and critique. Is that wrong of us?

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