Oh the Drama


So we haven't weighed in much about all the drama that's been going on at Interview this week, with Fabien Baron's reinstatement as editorial director and the myriad changes that is bringing about.

But late yesterday The Daily got a hold of ousted editorial director Glenn O'Brien. And, wow, did he have a lot to say.

We've had some crappy jobs in our day...and some that didn't end so pleasantly. But saying, on the record that "It's like a Greek tragedy. Like watching a company going insane, instead of a person" is major for a media vet. And makes us seriously concerned about the state of affairs at their Soho offices.

We love Interview and always have. But it sounds like things are even messier than we thought. Is there any way that this magazine can survive, especially in this economy? In our opinion it doesn't seem likely.

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