Notes on Paris, So Far

1. Everyone here wears fur. Seriously, it's incorporated into almost every outfit.

2. The only champagne I've seen was an empty bottle on the Boulevard Saint-Germain last night. 1-0 London.

3. I've been captivated by the politics of seating this season. In Paris, the Carines and Anna Della Russos sit in front, naturally, but I've seen Derek Blasberg and Glenn O'Brien sit second row while Kate Lanphear's in the third.

4. Not fashion related, but they have pancakes at Starbucks. (I had to, it's the only place I'm not embarrassed to order a coffee to take away).

5. A friend saw Charlotte Gainsbourg in the Shell (yes, gas station) mini-mart. She was browsing crackers.

6. The photo pits are huge.

7. There was a Fashion Week Daily reporter at Nina Ricci - but if they're here where is the Parisian Daily???

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