Mid-Day Snack


Oh Hello: Ed Westwick's celebrity crush is Scarlett Johansson. He also likes low-top sneakers and laments the fact that Chuck Bass has a billion dollars and he doesn't. {NylonTV}

Drama Feed: Dolce & Gabanna's AW09 campaign features lots of models, lots of Marilyn dresses, lots of fur and lots of dresses that we'd really love to have (especially if they come with one of the male models.) {Models}

Strap This: According to Garance, because according to the Italians, everyone needs a little strapless dress this summer, worn with flats during the day. This, we love. {Garance}

So What?: There's a dude from Kentucky who diets so that he can walk for Cavalli and Co. He only eats twice a day. Mon dieu! {NYTimes}

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