Mid-Day Snack

garance sketch.jpg

Inner Demons: Garance battles herself over matching scarves to shoes, hats to pants. When/why/how is it not ok? {GaranceDore}

Early to Bed: If someone bought us this pillow...well, we won't say what we'd do. {Barneys via FWD}

Jealous Much?: Sigrid Agren interviewed Karl Lagerfeld backstage at the Lagerfeld show in March for Interview. He starts out asking her, "Who has the idea to name you Sigrid?" {NYModelManagement}

Indulge Us: Can someone tell me who makes this dress? {Jezebel}

Wild Earth: Yoox launched an eco-friendly version of their shopping site in honor of Earth Day. It's called Yooxygen, get it? Like oxygen... {Yooxygen}

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