Marcel: Nude Ascending the Ladder

Marcel at DNA.jpg

When I'm not at Fashionista, I can usually be found in Ryan McGinley's studio, trying to keep my cool in front of all the cute boys I have to Polaroid and keep track of. So it's not every day that a model actually makes me go, "Whoa," because I know the kind of success his face is going to bring him.

So it's with genuine anticipation that I introduce you to Marcel, one of the new faces from DNA.

You might already recognize him from the Le Jean De ads in almost every recent issue of NYLON, or as one of the naked babes / Ryan McGinley muses .

And if you've missed all that so far, he's going to be front and center next week - Look out for him down the runway at Balenciaga!

Then maybe you'll start picturing him in Burberry ads, too...


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