Leifsdottir Feeds Us


The good people at Leifsdottir took it upon themselves to feed all the hungry show-goers last night with a good old fashioned feast. There were glazed pies, huge baguettes, grapes, apples, muffins - we half expected to see a roasted pig. Best of all there were elaborate cocktails - something, that has been a bit lacking this season.

To go with our munchies, was a beautifully adorned venue that kind of made you feel you had walked into a run-down mansion with worn-in Persian rugs, flickering candles and old portraits. Going with the theme, Leifsdottir had their models do a variety of things we'd think you'd do in a mansion: play cards, read an ancient looking book, and fan yourself with a feather.

The clothes were very Leifsdottir - playful prints, soft fabrics and wearable, flattering shapes. There was a lot of mustard yellow - a color we've been happily seeing at a lot of shows. We particularly loved the blouses, which would look great on just about any occasion. Plus the detailing in the black cocktail dress and pencil skirt add so much interest to black pieces. We'll definitely be wearing them in our mansion.


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