If You Change Your Mind…

intermodal leather wallets.JPG

Intermodal Leather's based in Portland, Oregon.

They make bags, wallets, luggage, you name it, in both stiff briefcase-like leather and soon, for Spring, a soft, slouchy alternative.

When you buy one of their pieces, it comes with a card telling who crafted it, since it's all done by hand, and who you can send it back to when you're in need of a change.

They won't just fix it if it breaks - they'll re-format the entire thing if you get bored, need a change, want a new bag, whatever. Each piece has as few stitches as possible to make a seamless transition that much easier. And, if you're sick of the whole thing, you can send it back, they'll compensate you for the leather, and make something totally new for a different owner.

Take that, Hermès.

For now, you'll have to swing down to Pas de Deux or Odin to get yours. But when they launch online, you can buy your new bag from anywhere.

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