Festival of Faces


'Tis the season of the outdoor music festival, which tends to bring about some very cool, and also some very bizarre fashion choices.

Gwyneth, the Kates (Moss and Bosworth), and Sienna have all perfected fashionably bohemian rock festival garb over the years, throwing in a pair of wellies when the weather demands, or wearing the tiniest of dresses while grooving in the desert at Coachella. Drew Barrymore, on the other hand, we're less sure about.

Now we usually love Drew and all her fairy dust sensibilities. We've even lately embraced some of her colorful beauty choices. This one from Bonnaroo over the weekend (while enjoying a little Bon Iver) is not one of them.

She looks like she just finished playing dress-up with a group of five year-olds. And while we love embracing our childlike innocence as much as the next girl, this just seems to be taking it a bit too far. Really, a feather? Though we will give her credit for picking a rather lovely palette of glittery face paint to work with.

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