Fashionista v. Recessionista


Rumor has it that Patricia Field might part ways with the Sex and the City sequel, over creative differences with Sarah Jessica Parker.

SJP wants Carrie's wardrobe to be reflective of the recession, which Field is apparently not so into. The flame-haired style maven told Grazia, "I don't use the recession as a reference for my creativity."

Whose side are you on?

In these times, we have all had to struggle with balancing our lust for fashion and cautious saving, or just outright lack of funds. And it's nice that SJP is considering realism. But do we, as viewers, actually want Carrie Bradshaw to cut down on her fabulous and outrageous outfits? Is this one of those times when art doesn't have to imitate life?

Personally, this strikes us as exactly the right time and place for fashion escapism.


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