Eye Spy at Sony

ben cho at sony party small.jpg

Things we saw at the Sony party last night:

1. Models made up like drag queens forced to walk with their wrists bent and their hands flicked, posing on the stairs with their Sony mini-laptops.

2. Bunny Bisous, looking adorable.

3. Mickey Boardman, wearing his Mardi Gras flare and making sex jokes whenever he wants to move on.

4. Ben Cho, DJing.

5. The designers' (Katy Rodriguez, ThreeAsfour, Libertine, etc) custom-made outfits in the windows outside.

6. The very first Fall 09 YSL Manifesto in Manhattan, proudly touted by Faran.

7. Cosmopolitans like it's 2004.

8. Music like it's 1984.

One night down - too many to go...

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