Dust Buster


Did you catch this on Friday?

Vogue UK called out Keira Knightley's Anya Hindmarch dustbag.

Instead of busting out one of her $1,000+ Anyas - which she had to have bought to get the free dustbag - she carried around the little tote one would be packaged in.

Now, this might go back to when everyone started carrying their peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in designer shopping bags - apparently, it makes lunch a little more bearable when you pull a Chanel-bag lunch out from under your desk.

But now that public bag recycling has moved on to the shopping bag innards, we wonder what the next step in designer re-packaging will be. We predict we'll get lots of Christmas gifts wrapped in Marc-branded tissue paper this year.

Maybe it's the economy (could designer dustbags be the answer to the overpriced designer It Bag? Is this the official death knoll for being seen carrying exorbitantly priced fashion goods at the moment?) making some stretch their designer purchases just one step further, or maybe they're just so pumped to have that new bag that they want to remind the rest of us that we don't have one.

Either way, we just thought we'd tell you about it.


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