Coral is Key


One of our favorite things about the Jason Wu Resort show today was the pretty as can be hair and makeup.

MAC's Gordon Espinet created our dream version of a summery lip by mixing a few shades coral with their Gentle Coral Tinted Lip Conditioner.

He left the rest of the face basically nude with just a touch of primer to make the skin glow. "This woman has an well-honed sense of style and would never, ever want to look made up," he told us.

The perfectly windswept ponytail was very luxe-vacation-worthy too. "It's elegant, but looks like she did it herself," according to Aveda stylist Kurt Lowery. We're fairly uncoordinated when it comes to doing our own hair, so we're not too sure about how this will turn out at home. But we're certainly going to try.

We also got a genius product tip for keeping our wavy hair from flying out of control this summer: Sun Care Protective Hair Veil. Seriously, Kurt worked a little into our hair backstage and we immediately looked more polished.

Stay of the clothes are coming soon.

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