Buy Vs. Borrow

sarah brown and michelle obama april 09.jpg

The concept of borrowing clothes is a fairly new one. While celebrities have taken advantage of the idea for years, it's recently caught the public eye via sites like Bag, Borrow or Steal and stores like Ilus. And now, the practice has reached the political stage, too.

Sarah Brown, Britain's Michelle Obama, may not play in the same fashion leagues as our First Lady, but her clothing choices haven't escaped the public eye. The bottom line is, the Browns lack the Obama's bank account without lacking the media exposure. Also, Britain's laws prohibit her from accepting gifts, which means that while her outfits at something like the G20 receive the same scrutiny as Michelle and Carla's, she can't quite buy from the runway.

But, she can rent - for about one-tenth the cost.

Despite the presence of rent-able fashion, it's not so discussed. Are you a Sarah or a Michelle - and we don't mean your bank account? Would you rather rent this Marchesa dress for $190 or spend an extra $200 and buy your own Alex Wang instead?


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