Bill Blass: Done

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The ongoing, public death of the Bill Blass brand's hit a new chapter today:

NextCen, Bill Blass' financially troubled parent company, hasn't been able to sell the line formerly designed by Peter Som to anybody yet (unsurprisingly, nobody wants to buy a troubled fashion house right now), and they're liquidating their business.

Translation? As of right now, unless some other company comes along and inexplicably buys Bill Blass, the company is done, and you can expect some kind of blow-out sale so NextCen can rid themselves of the leftover inventory shortly. Apparently, NextCen has a $30 million loan on their hands from buying Great American Cookie, a baking chain they bought from Mrs. Field's this past February, so it makes sense to them to liquidate their weakest-performing company - Bill Blass, whose Spring orders were seriously lacking - in order to get the cash they need.

This sounds like it's pretty much out of everybody's hands, even Anna's.

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