Alexa Chung: Just Another Face

i wanna be a supermodel or alexa chung.jpg

After Alexa Chung popped up on Vivienne Westwood's Red Label show during Spring 09 London Fashion Week, we expected her to land a semi-major campaign.

It was the perfect moment to move from noted British TV personality to model of something other than Tampax or Urban Outfitters.

And then there was word she'd be designing a line for New Look which was cool because the girl wears some amazing vintage and if it's like Kate's line for Topshop we'd basically get to shop Alexa's closet when we're in London next month.

But, it turns out she's just the new face of New Look. Which means there's no "designing" and no major campaign which is kind of a bummer because if ever there was a British It-Girl we'd champion it's her, and she doesn't even get to hawk Agent Provocateur.

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