Adventures in Copyright: Prada By Any Other Name…

dkny hearts prada so very much.jpg

A reader just alerted us to this very subtle, yet uncanny Prada knock-off.

We were amazed because:

1. The knock-off is by DKNY - not Forever21, not Jeffrey Campbell, nor Steve Madden.

2. We know it's a gladiator sandal, but the straps are so exactly the same, it's creepy.

3. put the DKNY's in their Need it Now section, but not only did Prada design the sandal already, but the originals are also on sale at Bergdorf's for practically the same price as the full-price DKNY's.

4. DKNY even gave the type of sandal a different name - they consider them huarache sandals while Prada considers theirs gladiators...

On a related note, DKNY's really on a roll these days, no?


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